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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 17, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta everybody is, and there is an open thread tell me what you thought about tonight's show. keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. epor of it. you be on top of it. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: a huge day for mitt romney. he is finally fired up and he is on offense. this is the mitt we have been waiting for. today, the governor who knows a thing or two about business took the president to task for saying american businesses can't make it without the government's help. >> see, the idea to say steve jobs didn't build apple, that henry ford didn't build fort
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motor, the papa john didn't build papa john pizza, ray crock didn't build mcdonald's. that bill gates didn't build microsoft. go on the list. joe and his colleagues didn't build this enterprise. to say something like that is not just foolishness, it's insulting to every entrepreneur, every innovator in america. it's wrong. >> eric: he wasn't done there. >> believing in america means believing in the principles upon which the nation was founded. i do. i will keep the principles aloft. we will fight for them. we will keep america on the earth and bring back the strength that provides a bright future for us and for our children. >> eric: you know, i had a hunch yesterday, that the antibusiness comment would come back to haunt obama. just a matter of time before romney said enough class warfare and enough demonizing hard-working americans and enough for the damn socialist
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agenda for the country. this mitt romney, where has he been? >> andrea: this is the one we've been waiting for. right? punch back, down a couple red bulls. he did. the country needed a pep talk. he hit back. over the weekend there were stories he'd hit back. people were going just do it all right. i think he is the one that can be unapologetic about success. what the white house is arguing we should have a unsuccessful president. we have one now and it's not working well. i say go mitt romney. >> bob: yeah. sure. your sociallism thing, american people waking up to sociallism, i'm sure everybody will get up and think about that. take a look -- i think romney gave a good speech. take his example and give you facts. bill gates asked who was the biggest influence in his life? neil armstrong and the space program because they
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miniaturized computers without there wouldn't p.c.s. steve jobs -- i don't know why you're laughing. interviewed gates for his biography and jobs said the most influence initial his career was al gore and making the extension of the internet. henry ford, credited the federal aid road act of 1916, otherwise he could not have mass produced ford. end my case. mitt romney ought to pick on people snore what is your point? >> bob: they were all helped by the government. they know that. you are the only neanderthal -- sorry sorry -- pn who doesn't get that. >> greg: let me respond from the interesting idea from the young man over there. big problem for government claiming to deserve credit for other people's success. yep, i use roads when i get to work where i am success. so did ted bundy. he used roads. so did the manson family. i'm sure they drove down a fee highways and jeffrey dahlmer. if you take credit for people's success then you
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obviously deserve credit for evil deeds. that's what gods do, bob. >> bob: this is henry ford's own words. >> greg: i'm talking about obama's. >> bob: wait. this is what henry ford said about the road act of 1915. he couldn't have built cars. >> greg: a different time. of course there were no roads. >> bob: but without them he couldn't have built and done the model t. ford factory. >> andrea: is that a winning campaign strategy? >> bob: i don't think this whole thing is a big -- eric thinks it's a big deal. it's ridiculous. you laugh it off, but i refuted everything you said. >> eric: president obama said if you succeed, someone gave you help. if you have a business, you didn't build it. somebody else made it happen. isn't that speech that fired up mitt romney, or a constant person attack? 37,000 negative ads so far against the guy. bain capital, where are your taxes? did they boo on purpose or did
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you want them to boo? attack after attack. >> dana: maybe that was the tipping point or straw that broke the camel's back. i don't know. i'll take a guess, though. what it was, they can call him all sort of things across the country. offending the sense of entrepreneur spirit and hard work that people put in businesses to build them. the purpose of road and school, we all benefit from them. there is an individual risk you take if you want to start a business. my business was small. i remember sleepless nights thinking am i doing the right thing? i have to get the paperwork done. my business was nothing compared to what other people have done. >> greg: your at-home strip club? >> dana: just me and the mirror. didn't generate a lot of money. [ laughter ] >> eric: he had us all
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floored for a second. >> bob: i would have paid to go see it if it was worth it. >> greg: i meant managing it. >> is this good? is this good strat question for mitt romney to take the ball, go on offense, instead of constantly deflecting? >> andrea: his strategy up until now according to an advisor on background is do no harm. i'm not an expert in sports. we know that. i asked who is playing in the all-star game. prevent defense does not work. it does not work in politics. can mitt romney maintain this tone? not get distracted by the constant everyday look at the monkey. whether it's offshore bank accounts or he is a bully or the other stories he seems to be chasing down. risk in responding to all of them. he needs to keep it up. unrelenting every single day. >> bob: keep it up with facts that are accurate instead of picking out three people that benefited from the got. >> ericgot -- government.
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the way he said it, he gave one of the better speeches i've seen him give. can he maintain that? i'm not sure. in this again was a question of he has been on the defensive for now for two weeks. he has to get back to the economy. white house releases rabbits and they chase rabbits. that is the advantage of being incumbent. >> dana: i think the independent voters see there is a risk for obama in that strategy. i heard from an independent voter that is related to me, key demographic if i were the obama campaign i'd target in a swing state as well, colorado. they heard about this staten't and said, obama's statement about the small business owners. it was like well, that is offensive. you know what? i think we're done here. the president is not establishing any big vision either. so they are chasing rabbits and romney has to be on the
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offensive. what's up? that thing in wrestling flips the guy over? >> eric: a flip. >> bob: pinning the guy. >> dana: pinning? done you flip them somehow? >> eric: i think the romney camp has been patient and smart waiting for the right opportunity and waiting for obama to say the wrong thing and pounce. >> greg: the romney campaign is creating the strategy. you talk at letting out the rabbits, the media lets the rabbits out and hoping that he will follow the rabbits. he is addressing the economy. talking about two contrasting philosophies, two visions for the world. it seems that obama is getting opinions on private enterprise from leaflets from duchati park. the difference between bho and
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whs is letters. >> eric: the closest between the main street media and obama, did they not say we are going to let the felony rabbit out, chase it. it's a big one. >> they make sure the rabbits are bigger. they don't let the rabbit go in a cage. >> dana: put rabbit in a room of shiny mirrors and they are like this. >> bob: these rabbits are true. one thing, one thing, john sununu, one of the spokes people. he said that obama has to learn to be an american. sleazy -- >> andrea: that is not what he said. b. he walked it back. that is exactly what he said. today he said he walked that back. >> andrea: what he said is fundamental un-american.
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the independent voters -- >> bob: you have to learn to be an american? >> andrea: that is not exactly what he said. >> bob: that is exactly what he said. don't tell me it's not what he said. >> andrea: open the paper and see more women are the breadwinners and more people opening businesses. people will look at this and say that's not the american way. government knows better than the individual. >> bob: that is not what obama was saying in the first place. >> andrea: he said get on the ground and kiss the road. >> bob: he said a lot of people helped you on the way up and a lot of people did. i gave you example of the three puck sesful americans -- three successful americans. >> dana: who made money to pay taxes to build the roads? it's a chicken and egg argument. >> bob: gates said without the space program he couldn't have built the p.c. what do you say about that? >> dana: without english class i could haven't been the press secretary. >> bob: su n.b.a. said it's the american way and i wish
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the president would learn how to be an american. get the quotes right. >> eric: he also didn't say what would obama know about creating jobs and running companies? he spent his 20s, younger years smoking. coming up, person who supported president obama in 2008 may be bailing on him in 2012. details coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "all my children." sunday "new york times" had thing on penny, wealthy obama supporter who is mia. bob's apartment was searched this morning and she is not there. she owns hyatt hotels now gets obama's take on private enterprise. she is just not that into it. the same paper, author paul nevitt says gutting of public benefit appeals to our self-esteem. in my head, this is becoming the bowles between builder and garn cans. the obama media complex trying to recast america as selfish empire.
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they say we are selfish for not paying pensions and selfish wanting lower taxes. fair share is now must share. is it sevennish to say your councilmember sinking under debt -- country is sinking under debt. is it selfish to want to keep as much money for your family? society to rely on family? yet, we are asked to put government first. the solution seems noble. give more. but it isn't when they never believe what you are giving was yours to begin with. i say it's time to get selfish and make obama and the rest fight for every dollar they want to take from you and me. maybe the only way they finally understand the value of hard work. dana? >> dana: yes. >> greg: are we evil sevennish people? >> dana: completely! i wake up every day and i can barely look at myself in the mirror, after that unfortunate business i tried to start earlier. i want to thank the twitter
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follower who let me know the wrestling move i was looking for is called "reverse." >> greg: try it on jasper. >> dana: you have to teach the dog you're in charge. that's what it's called. this is what was interesting in the "new york times" article. andy stern, labor leader seiu said there is a huge unresolved set of issue in the democratic party between people of wealth and people who work. penny is a living example of the issue. so having helped elect the president they wanted now they throw her under the bus. there is intraparty class warfare. a lot of democrats this week might be on the fence about donating to the obama campaign. they may direct to senate campaign. i don't think they want to give to them. >> greg: what did harry reid say this morning?
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seven odd white men -- >> eric: can't get elected. >> greg: trying to get romney elected. >> dana: angry old white men. >> greg: are the left going to operate on the stereotype of business they're all greedy white men? >> eric: it's scary that president obama went off prompter on the virginia speech on friday did what he did. he demonized business again. this will reverberate throughout the left, pull talking points out from under trump. donald trump. the labor leader. he had a hard time today talking about what we wanted to talk about. he wanted to demoonize romney but hard to do that given that speak. dana pointed out work. when you go on welfare you're supposed to make an attempt to work. you heard about welfare reform. president obama usurped congress and redefine working on welfare. did you hear what they are calling on thursday? >> dana: with executive order thursday.
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>> eric: bed rest is work. get ma massage. journaling is work. motivational reading are work. >> andrea: massaging are work? bob is a workaholic. >> eric: the world on the left is so whacked out that is what work is, instead of earning a living. >> andrea: journaling, that's awesome. >> bob: let me just say a couple of things if i could. you suggest that the left and the democratic party are against business and against work is absolutely ridiculous a -- >> dana: i said they had a fight between them. >> bob: i'm talking about what eric said and greg said in the monologue. it's our money. how about this? take our money away from the defense department. you love the defense department. >> greg: i like the defense department. i'm sure they could spend their money more effectively. i agree. >> bob: we could gut them. >> greg: the idea of gutting it, i'm against.
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>> bob: gut them $100 million. >> greg: if that is how much you can take from it, sure. i don't want to end up like european nation that you gut defense to pay for entitlement so you can't protect yourself. >> dana: remember the federal government is set up under our system, two responsibilities. one to protect the country. gutting maybe epa would be a better start than gutting the defense department. >> bob: if that is the case we do away with the clean water and clean air act. yea! >> andrea: hate clean air. >> greg: i hate clean air. >> bob: you live in hell's kitchen like i do. there isn't clean air there. the fact is you are trying to make this divide here, that doesn't exist. >> andrea: wait, wait, wait. >> greg: it started -- obama started the divide. >> bob: the divide was between a very small percentage at the top and the rest of us. >> dana: 1 versus the 989%. >> andrea: this statement was his joe the plumber moment. this is the sound that will be
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played over and over and over. is this the gaffe? yes and no. big gaffe. this is who obama really is. it's liberalism with a capital "l." not a small "l." to your point, dana, that's why a lot of democrats look at this, not even the super rich. democrats working hard. it brought up women who are making more money. i think they will look at this and say to sununu's point, which if i could clarify he's not thinking like an american. >> bob: he said he's not an american. learn to be an american is what he said. leaving that aside, i hear what you are saying here. the top 1% in the country, including myself have had the freest ride since ronald reagan of any group in the country. the fact is the middle class and poor have not. >> eric: if you honestly can author a bill or proposal that said activities qualifying, quote/unquote, work, under welfare rules, include weight loss promotion, participating in parent-teacher meetings, journaling, it's a joke. it defines what, it defines
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the left right there. >> bob: that defines the whole left. one executive order. >> eric: no one on the right worth their salt would define work as quitting smoking. >> greg: wait a second. that is work! i'm telling you, that is work. >> andrea: obama did quit smoking. >> bob: the policy group on capitol hill position there ought to be a department of education or environment? or should there be environmental regulations? is that what we should do? i thought you would. that's exactly right. during the water -- dirty the water and air and go back to when river was on fire. perfect. >> greg: you read my mind. i want orphans everywhere. >> bob: you do. >> greg: i do! coming up, important shifts in the 2012 electoral map. who is benefiting, obama or romney or captain furball my pomeranian? he is running strong in three states. hawaii, i believe. we'll hear from karl rove.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." betalk about politics and shaping up, coming up is the presidential election. our own karl rove and joe trippi contributors to fox news and both who have run presidential campaigns have a new electoral map they say this is their best thinking looking at the polls. we pull up the map and take a look at the different states, ones that lean romney, ones that lean obama. yellow ones you see there are tossups. bob, you need 270 electoral votes in order to win the presidency. do you think that this map is accurate? >> bob: it's accurate. there are things here that are
11:28 pm
interesting and should be concern to obama. not the least of which is michigan. romney was, you know, that is, he is considered the romney family. that is his home state of many. but that is the one he claims. the other thing, as michigan goes, so goes ohio. ohio is a critical here. the three states i think they need to concentrate on are ohio, where they think they can win the race. ohio, florida, michigan. but the other states that are interesting to me is that -- by the way, romney has got to win one of those two states. virginia and north carolina, both of which obama won in the last election. they have now become more democratic, because of the vast increase in the number of hispanic voters. so with that in mind, i think that is the reason he is ahead in virginia. despite what they say, he is ahead in ohio. >> dana: i want to hear from rove about michigan and come
11:29 pm
to you about the reasons how it could possibly be. this is news to chicago. show you what karl rove said last night. >> only two states changed. michigan and new hampshire. over the win from lean obama, based on recent polls to tossup states. there were changes in a variety of other states but none of them that changed the status. two states representing 20 electoral college votes, michigan 16. new hampshire with four went in the tossup category. three tossup states moved toward obama. >> dana: eric, about a month ago, most people thought michigan leaning -- moving to a tossup state. so the obama campaign instead of shrinking campaigns to spen money to win is growing. that is not a good thing for them. how is it that michigan with the auto bail-out, all of that junk is actually helping romney? >> eric: it's kind of interesting. it feels to me like both sides, bob says it is leaning romney. karl says possible -- both say
11:30 pm
it's not right and not left. push it away. underpromise, over form that thing. michigan is probably the one that is the real tossup. bob, i disagree with you on north carolina. it seems like it's moving further and further right as we go. we saw polling numbers moving further right. that's a romney state. >> bob: what i said was it had a strong increase in hispanic voters. because they vote democratic. and in the end, north carolina will go for romney. i think virginia will go for -- >> eric: hispanic voters vote democratic, why are you saying there is a strong increase in hispanic voters in north carolina? >> bob: north carolina has had increase in employment and they have a lot -- i tite say this. a lot of chickens and agriculture. >> dana: they have problems in north carolina. take us around the rest of the country. colorado and virginia, trippi and rove say are looking good for obama at this point.ndrea: . the area to watch is the industrial midwest, right? two points.
11:31 pm
i do agree with rove. i think romney will win new hampshire. michigan, why is michigan important? it's a money pit. when you run as an incumbent, you don't want to spend money and resources in states you should have to win easily. this happened in 2004. remember with bush and kerry. bush forced kerry to spend money in pennsylvania. i think states to watch besides michigan are wisconsin, indiana, ohio. these are states that have historically trended democratic. now republicans in the south when bush was running, the strategy was went south of the mason dixon line and pick up other states like florida. this time around, i think obama will have to go on defense and spend money on states he does not think he was going to have to. i think romney is going to be able to play off of -- >> dana: greg hasn't had a chance to comment. before we get to greg, can i mention one thing? four states where the obama campaign is not spending resources. nebraska, north dakota, missouri and montana. all of those four become pickup state for possible
11:32 pm
republicans in -- >> bob: they were republican last time. >> dana: in the senate. it makes a big difference. greg, you haven't had a chance to talk. >> greg: can we get to the big picture here? >> dana: i like the big picture. >> greg: i have my own electoral map. bring it up. green, people in green during this segment they got up and made a sandwich and had something to drink. now the folks in the yellow, they use this segment to go to the bathroom. right now, you can hear a national nationwide flush going on. >> dana: bring it to election night? >> bob: indiana has been a republican state. it's aberration when it went that way. it will go republican again. ohio has gone back and forth. it's a bellwether state. wisconsin is not going to go -- >> dana: think about it. >> bob: of the nine states that are critical, romney has to win six out of nine. that's the important thing.
11:33 pm
six out of nine. >> andrea: but obama creeped in the south last time around. he creeped in a state -- >> bob: florida. >> andrea: and virginia, which is a -- >> bob: north carolina. >> andrea: north carolina. i want to point out we talk about on the show. the president started running ads in african-american media markets already. that is why when people say he is not worried about this in the naacp, that whole thing. he has the vote shored up. i'm not sure he has it shored up like he thinks he does. >> bob: they will turn out in large numbers. question of north carolina. i'm going to concede north carolina. michigan will come back to traditional democratic ways. i iowa will go democratic and wisconsin goes democratic. how does romney win all the states? b >> dana: this was bob's favorite segment and greg's least favorite segment. if you want to keep up with the yellow-green map follow greg on twitter. >> greg: it's on the roof of my bedroom. >> dana: president obama and his bride. guess what they did? they shared a kiss at the basketball game last night. andrea asked people on the
11:34 pm
streets how they feel about presidential p.b.a. our thought whence we come back. >> andrea: barack and michelle obama were caught on a kiss cam the other day? appropriate or not? >> appropriate. >> yeah. >> that's all right. >> dana: our thoughts when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey america, even though they don't need one, wes, clay and demarcus tried on the new depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." love was in the air last night at the u.s. exhibition game for the u.s. men's basketball game. president and mrs. obama were there and get caught on the kiss cam, twice. the first time it laned on them, mr. obama really didn't deliver. but he planted a great one on the mrs. second time around. the crowd loved it. what does america think about public display of affection. aka, p.d.a.
11:40 pm
i went to times square to find out. pda, yea or nay? >> yea! >> andrea: you are okay with it? >> i love pda. >> are you decide it's get a room? >> exactly. get a room. >> it's a youth problem. >> definitely youth. >> it's cool, i would say. >> yeah. >> yep. that is what keeps the relationship alive. pda. >> uncool. >> andrea: no? kind of gross? >> yeah. it's like get a room. don't need to see that. >> you guys were making out right over here? >> yeah. >> andrea: okay for the president and the first lady on the kiss cam? >> absolutely. >> andrea: is this acceptable? the kissing cam at the sporting event? >> i don't think so, no.
11:41 pm
>> bob: are those real pictures? >> andrea: they are. the couple, the last couple you saw couldn't keep their hands off each other. there was a lot of couples holding hands. i know when i come to work some days you and captain sparkles are going at it. sometimes i find it disgusting, although i am a proponent of a little kiss here, maybe a pinch there. >> greg: ever since i deflated him, it's no fun. i'm disgusted by the couple saying they were offended. where are they from? >> andrea: england. >> greg: go back noto that country of yours. as someone incapable of human love, it's gross. i'm fan of p.d.a., public display of aggression. when couples fight. >> dana: i hate it. terrible. >> greg: it's great. you see the guy and you go i've been there. the woman won't talk to them and then there is an explosion and they forget they're in public. it's so much more arousing and fun than -- >> eric: overrides.
11:42 pm
anyway, point out captain sparkles is inflatable? >> greg: yes. >> andrea: now you drop that on us. >> bob: water or air? these people should go get a room in times square, number one. very expensive. why you have alleys and cars. i for one think it's wonderful thing for people to have public display of affection. if you don't like it go back to seminary or england or g wherever you are. nothing wrong with it unless they're doing something other than kissing. >> dana: i love the kiss cam with obama and mrs. obama. so cute. last year, when 41 were at the baseball game and kiss cam went to them in houston. and george h.w. bush planted one on his bride. it's cute. i like it. i don't like the p.d.a. aggression at all. i can't stand it. people fighting, i get so uncomfortable.
11:43 pm
>> greg: like a free movie. >> bob: do you do pda with your wife in public? >> eric: no, but i do it with my dog. he is the cutest little dog. >> bob: you do it with your dog? >> eric: i hug him. >> dana: did anybody tell you that you guys are on the kiss cam. >> greg: bob, i told you once they were going to okay gay marriage this is next. eric and his dog in public. >> eric: he's so cute. he's a good boy, though. >> andrea: people said when clothes -- >> bob: you have to be careful with it. >> andrea: when clothes started to come out, that's too much. they don't like making out, but they like a peck or pinch or tap. >> dana: a lot of tongue bothers me. that's the line i cross. >> greg: is that why you dumped gene simmons. >> eric: are you trying to say president obama slipped a tongue -- >> dana: no. theirs was appropriate and totally cute. >> bob: would you slip the tongue with your dog? >> andrea: i was in a bar once and saw a girl gave a guy a strip tease. it wasn't bob but it was
11:44 pm
disgusting, the owner had to ask them to leave. >> dana: it wasn't that kind of bar. >> bob: i don't many other kinds. >> andrea: we know! coming up, sexy supermodel kate upton fired back at critics who are taking aim at her weight. you go, girl. right here on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back. actress demi moore who recently got out of rehab for other things addiction to pain pills is estranged from her children who do not want to see her and that raises a bigger picture, question, a study of which there are many, by the way, that shows that prescription pill addiction is by far the most dangerous and causes the most death of any other drug in america, including cocaine and heroin. this raises the point of the abuse of prescription drugs and what we'll do about it.
11:49 pm
we spend all this money on war with drugs and the prescription drug business is going full stream ahead. a lot of people, particularly when i was in rehab, i saw many, many, many women who came in and were housewives and addicted to prescription drugs; particularly, xanax. >> eric: hip-hop is mainstream music right now. they embrace the culture of prescription drugs the way they used to embrace other drugs. kids are hearing this. they are exposed to it. it's a terrible phenomena. what has happened in america we have to worry about kids, 13, 14, 15-year-old going to parties. literally bowls in the middle of the party everyone brings prescription drugs they stole from parents and throw it in the bowl. it's unbelieve what is going on out there. scary. >> andrea: the access seems to be easier because they are cracking down on drug cartels. you brought up a point about women, housewives and
11:50 pm
san antoniand xanax.they do adey feel like they are over -- they can't handle -- it's too much on their plate. to be a good mom and good wife and at the soccer games band skinny and look great and be super mom, they need to not just take xanax to be happy but desperate housewives has gone to pill popping. >> bob: you brought this idea to the show. i think it's a good one. it's important. what is your take on this? >> dana: the story was on the front page of the "new york times" today. talking about from a drug fighting perspective, how do we deal with this? and we're spending a lot of money to go after marijuana, cocaine, but how do you find a pill? one thing about kids, they are worried if they smoke pot the parents will smell it, or if they smoke great bus a pill is untraceable. i have an idea i think would be interesting one. i think that the fda should take more shackles off of the prescription drug companies an
11:51 pm
scientists and researchers and do incentives where they can come up with painkillers that will not get you addicted. i think that the free market could help solve a lot of this. >> bob: greg, are you for pain pills, too? >> greg: two reasons why there is still abuse. "a," the pills are awesome. two, life is hard. and if somebody believes that this pill, whether it's aderall or whatever pill helps them improve their lives, i'm not stepping in between them and their pill bottle. the internet and the web actually creates far bigger disconnect between you and real life than any pain medication. >> number three, pills are overprescribed. overprescribing pills. >> bob: the fda just cut back on the production of ritalin and aderall for that reason. kids are prescribed this overwhelmingly. they take them to school and
11:52 pm
they sell them. they sell them for $20 a pop. the prescription, their parents get it. xanax, it's called purple rain. you can buy it for $20. >> greg: suggestion to parents, if they come across the pills at home, send them to me. i will get rid of them. >> dana: properly dispose of them. >> bob: all the pills are available on the internet which is even worse. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: time for one more thing. i'm kick it off. bob and greg, remember last night when kimberly cited a study that showed women were smarter than men with the knicks i wondered why she did it at the end of the show where there is no time to talk about it. listen to what she said. >> kimberly: women closed the i.q. gap. let's talk about surpassing it, actually. scoring higher than men. we knew it all along and now we get credit -- >> greg: is that written by a woman? >> eric: she closed the show quickly. i'm buzzing with things like this. i looked up the study. turns out women in estonia, new zealand and south africa closed the i.q. gap but didn't mention america. >> andrea: that from a man
11:57 pm
that admitted he makes out with his dog, okay? >> eric: you're up. >> andrea: all righty. >> dana: got you good. >> andrea: speaking of women, smart women laughing all the way to the bank as a supermodel said. kate upton in the middle of the controversy, the supermodel who has taken heat for her weight come out and fired back. she is not going to take it anymore. she says i'm not going to starve myself just to be thin. i want to enjoy my life. i can't, i'm not eating and i'm miserable. i totally agree. this girl is not only hot, she is smart, because she is laughing all the way to the bank. the blogger who said the nasty things came out and said she was getting death threat and admitted to being anorexic herself and apologized saying natural thing for hot and healthy and smart intelligent kate. >> eric: move on. you're up? >> dana: america lost a great thinker, developer. stein cubby died in idaho last night, 79 years old. he wrote the "7 habits of highly effective people."
11:58 pm
sold more than 20 million copies, 38 languages. it read that book, of course, don't make fun. it read that book leaving college. it was so helpful. i remember in particular he was on oprah one time, and he walked the audience through a personal mission statement. which wasn't about accumulating wealth. but was more about what would you want people to say at your funeral? good way to think about things going forward. america will miss him. >> eric: robert, you're up. >> bob: iron tic to me that when they -- ironic to me when they pass the healthcare bill, what you call obamacare, members of congress had to go to exchange like every other america had to do. the republicans voted to repeal it last week. you know what they did? they took it out and put back in members of congress having their favorite medical treatment, unbelievably better than anybody else can get it. you know who is in that list? the great paul ryan. republicans said the rest of you go get exchanges, we're keeping our old privileged healthcare. you guys are the most
11:59 pm
unbelievable hypocrites in america. >> andrea: i don't blame them. >> eric: you're up. >> greg: banned phrase? >> eric: sure. >> greg: banned phrase. well done. all right. get a room. if you are going to use the word "get a room," get a room. i want to give you answers to today's "new york times" crossword puzzle. one across is cash cow. two across is sedila. four across is globetrot. >> dana: this is as exciting as bob's slide yesterday. >> greg: this is my point. 7 across, put to the sword. no, no, no. 25 across, carport. >> andrea: you always offer an alternative -- >> eric: hold on. before we go, oscar. camera three. yea! [ applause ] get a shot of oscar. >> dana: yeah. >> eric: his last day today. he is moving to the west coast with his lovely bride. we are going to miss you, my


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